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Originally Posted by tolnep View Post
apparently.. you can tune around slapping your 2.0 head on a 2.5 block. there's some folks in my area that are supposed to be very good at doing this..
sure tuning it to prevent knock is easy. However, it results in jack crap for power. This is where a bunch of Hybrid guys come in with all their dyno graphs from their tuner and tell me I'm full of bs. What those guys don't realize is that many tuners chase the whp numbers in order to make their customers happy and inflate their own egos. Problem is, if you take that same car and do a 1-4 rip, I can pretty much guarantee it'll knock like crazy in the upper gears as heat soak sets in. This is what I call a "one gear tune". It looks great in that one gear and hits all those target numbers for torque that the hybrid guys have been missing with their 2L, but it's going to fail at some point due to detonation.

I tell customers this all the time when dealing with things like boost creep or vacuum leaks: "electronics can't make up for mechanical issues without affecting everything else"

What blows me away about this thread, is that IAG was told about this and somehow decided it wasn't needed. That decision is obviously not based on experience or knowledge in how these engines work or they decided the task was above their abilities and played it off as not needed.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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