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The Army has seen me store my 2000 Integra Type-R a few times, ranging from 6 to 12 months. Each time I paid for an individual storage area in a self-store facility (basically a one-car garage) and used a Car Bag with pans of freshly-opened unscented clay cat litter placed in the bag, under the car to act as a dessicant. You can use the Car Bag only indoors; wind will move it all over and damage your finish. Some facilities have a ceiling light socket. You can buy a screw in plug and run a battery tender on you battery (removed and placed outside the Car Bag). I've never had trouble with tire flats spots, but I inflated them 10-12 lbs over specs once parked and cool. Full tank with stabilizer, fresh oil, topped fluids. You should plan on washing the car a few days in advance of storing it in the Car Bag to ensure as much moisture as possible has evaporated out of it. Check the weatherstripping of all doors, hood and trunk - they can hold water until opened and shut a few times. The dessicant can only absorb so much. Running the defrost hot and full for 30 minutes on recirculate with windows closed helps dry out the interior further. I let the car cool overnight before putting it in the bag. Try to bag it on a not-too-humid day (tough to do in many Army locales!) Obviously this takes some coordination with rides from friends and your deployment timetable. Each time I've come home it's been a trouble-free startup.
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