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I got my Outback hood!!!

The story goes, I had taken the SV for one last ride before winter. It was so cold, no traction, so I took the bike home. I figured Id get a coffee from timmies.. So I get in the Subie, go for a little 'haulin, get my coffee... Then I see this 08 Impreza hatch, so I follow. Driven by some 70+ year old woman. She turns right, I keep going. not more than 2 seconds later, a GF Outback Impreza comes past me, in red, just like mine(Other than his two tone). I pull a heavy duty U turn, and start following him. 'Him' turns out to be a late 60s retired fellow who drives 40km/h through 50-60 zones. Took about 7-10 minutes to get to his destination, which isnt 7-10 minutes away. Turns out to be an apartment building, and he's heading for the underground parking! I was thinking crap! but he had a transponder or something, and the overhead door opened. I snuck through in the nick of time, he was driving so slow. He parked, and I sheepishly got out my car. I apologised for following him into his private parking, then proceeded to offer him $150 plus my hood for his scooped outback hood.
He declined, so I offered him $200 plus my hood. He then called his wife who was in the apartment for permission, who told him flat out 'no', and that he should talk to his mechanic. I thought that was it, but he said "We should probably go ahead anyhow" I was laughing so hard, but ended up driving him to my bank, in my freshly boosted GF. He was real impressed, needless to say. Long story short: I installed the hoods in the parking lot of his apartment building, took out the block plates from the main scoop and the passenger side one, and drove home. Awesome. Just need to fabricate some ducting to seal the 'cooler against the scoop...

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