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Originally Posted by racer555 View Post
First off the coilover setups for awd subys work just fine for a rwd suby, at least with the stock transmission (dunno how another transmission would effect weight balance). Corner entry isnt too much different, just like everything else once you go rwd its a bit more sideways Sway bars are an area that needs a lil adjustment though. Compared to my previous set up I had to soften up the rear a notch on my rear sway bar and softened my front dampers a coupla clicks.
So does your car drive like a well engineered RWD vehicle, or does it feel a bit "off" compared to real (for the lack of a better term) RWD vehicles?

Originally Posted by racer555 View Post

Asfor moving the engine back and down, that might be a lil problem for clearance, unless u are running alot closer to stock ride hight than I am. Then again I usually run my cars alot lower than most subaru owners think is sane.
Hmm. I figured that the removal of the front axles would have probably allowed for better engine placement if one might want to move the engine to a better position. I guess not.

Originally Posted by racer555 View Post

The biggest problem I have run into so far is the tinly stock r160 rear diff in the wrx. It just sucks. Been looking into upgrades for that myself and so far the most reliable sounding option is a custome fabricated r200 upgrade. There have been a couple done on this site already and for everyone it seems to have been a hassle since you need to order custome axles and driveshaft. Not to mention modifying the rear subframe to get it to fit. Unfortunately I havent been able to get an answer to see how well the r180 holds up with the dss conversion axles, but I am guessing the r180 is just gonna be another grenade like the r160. at least for the abuse of drifting that is. I heard that Stephen Verdier (or however his name is spelled ) was running the r180 but never got an answer from him personally. And Gruppe S are being too secretive about their setup (ie. they dont wanna help anyone else cause they are afraid they might give away some advantage ).
Perhaps, Gruppe-S might be running with a RWD transmission mated to the boxer engine. I'm surprised that not too many people go with a RWD transmission when they convert their subies into RWD. an appropriate RWD tranny would be able to hold more power and still be more reliable.

The rear-end is one of the biggest problems, and right now you kinda gotta send it a fabricator/shop or whip up something in your garage in order to implant another rear-end in. (from what i've heard)

Subaru's are getting a lot cheaper now. I've seen bugeyes go for 7-10k pretty consistently. If we're lucky, a shop might created a "bolt-on" solution in which you buy their kit and source your own r180/r200 rear-end and just slap it on your rear. A RWD tranny/boxer mounting kit might be a good idea too. Seeing as how subaru's are getting cheaper and more people are willing to mod theirs. This isnt too far-fetched.
Originally Posted by FuJi K View Post
I have a R200 from an Infinity J30. Runs a 3.916FD that I was wanting to use with my 6spd. The difference is little. I have axles too!! Make measurements in the back, and start chopping away and making your rear subframe!
how hard was it for you to fit the r200 back there? Do you think its easy enough for the average car enthusiast to do this in their garage?
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