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Originally Posted by fourmicah View Post
True, but IAG was only running a little under 22 psi on that 35R set up, if I remember right, the psi set on these Dom 3.0XT-R was in the neighborhood of 26. There is a big difference there. Physically, you can't tell me that a 2.4 inch inlet will perform that same as a 3.0 inch inlet if all things were equal. Change the wheel out on the 35R and you have something like the HTA 35R that will outperform that all day long.

Don't get me wrong, I really like blouch turbos, I had one on my last car and would consider another one on my car now. It's a great stock location turbo! Something that the subie community has been waiting for! But if you take the same turbo set up and rotate it, it's going to perform better 90% of the time.
No the DOM3.0 was at 24psi, I agree with everything else.

Originally Posted by STi Mikey View Post
Juan, thats a REAL mustang dyno for you. Crazy right. Thats the same mustang dyno I made 304 on and went 12.0

Another 130whp, there's your 10.70 (obviously in theory).

325-335 tops is what you will see on pump for the 3.0

345-355 tops for the 4.0
Mikey the DOM4.0 is on pump not race gas. CBRD's dyno read about the same as Buschur's dyno thats how I came up with the 11.0-10.70

Was the 304 on pump gas? I really think on race gas a well tune VF39/43/48 should 330whp on BRs or CBRDs dyno. If I remember correctly Buschur made 300whp on 93oct with his WRX and run 12.2 or something on stock RE92 tires
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