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Great points, but there are some other things to consider:

1) BOV plumbing. Recirculating the mist is probably not going to be a big problem, but if you are venting to atmosphere it's not neccesarily good, especially for those that use pure methanol. This may be a problem with some FMIC setups.

2) When you look at the velocities involved in say a 2.5 inch intercooler pipe on a setup moving about 40LB of air per minute (very common numbers for a EJ20 or EJ25 with a mild turbo upgrade) a difference of 2 feet in the placement of the nozzle is almost inconsequential in terms of the time added for evaporation. The bulk of the time droplets spend absorbing heat before passing the intake valve is in the intake itself, especially in the larger plenum aftermarket pieces.

In the end the most important aspect is ensuring that the nozzle has a clear spray pattern into all of the airflow.
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