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Originally Posted by Touge86 View Post
I am a brand new forum member on the Hybridz site. I just received this infraction with no warnings whatsoever. They are seriously forum nazis over there! I re read my posts and the only thing I was really missing was capitalizing the first letter of sentences! wtf?

"Dear Tanuki,

You have received an infraction at HybridZ.

Reason: Violation of Forum rules
Per the rules agreed to, we do not allow IM text shortcuts in posts and we do expect members to use basic sentence structure with capitalization. Not college level grammar, just grade school level sentence structure!

This infraction is worth 20 point(s) and may result in restricted access until it expires. Serious infractions will never expire.

All the best,
Pretty bold going to another public forum to slander another forum for slapping your hand because you violated the rules to which you agreed to before you could even post. So because you got your hand slapped due to your own laziness in not actually reading the rules you agreed to, you feel wronged to the point of slandering that forum on another forum?

1) Did you not accept the rules of that forum? (Of course you did. No one can post on that forum without clicking accept.)
2) Is it not clearly stated in those rules regarding the use of IM text short cuts and capitalization and punctuation?
3) Do you honestly feel that when someone agrees to a set of rules that that person should be allowed to freely violate those rules right from the get go?
4) Do you honestly feel it is the staffs responsibility to remind members that they violated the rules to which they made the concision choice to click ACCEPT to without any form of discipline?

Remember, your acceptance of those rules is purely voluntary. If you don’t like the rules set in someone else’s house, you are not obligated to party there.

I wonder how the staff of this forum view member slandering other forums? …

Best of luck drumming up sympathy for your lack of discretion. ;-)
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