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04 LandShark STi

Default HP of the Beast! 666HP - 2004 LandShark STi 2.5/2.0 DBW Hybrid GT40R

It's Official: 666HP The LandShark is a beast!

It's the only DBW Subaru I know of with a hybrid motor. If anyone else has one, I'm sure I'll bring them out of the woodwork here. A bunch of people said it couldn't be done, but after a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, she's alive.

I'd like to thank some folks who didn't laugh and hang up the phone when I told them what I wanted to do...

Kenny Tran @ Jotech Racing -
He helped put the finishing touches on the tricky 2L cam sensor configuration with the AEM magic. His 1200HP Scion got me interested in running fuel, which has been an interesting adventure so far. He also got the blasted thing running, which was more than I could do in 12mo on my own. His entire race team has been extremely supportive the whole way. I've learned quite a bit from them about how much really goes into a successful race program. I cannot thank them enough.

Tony Palo @ T1 Race Development -
Most of the people who told me I was completely out of my skull were those I called about the fuel system. They said what I wanted was overkill, and that it would never work. Tony listened to what I had to say, thought about it, and came back with some fantastic product recommendations. From fuel cell to injectors, the whole system came from Tony. It all worked out just right. Heck, I still like to think he came out with the ID2000s just for me. Thanks, Tony.

Watt Bigham @ Watt's Shop -
This guy built the heart of the beast. He makes some of the best Subaru motors in the country. He's been doing Subie motors for nearly a decade, and has experience with a variety of racing engines. Every time I talk to this guy, the gears in my head start turning with new ideas. He also pointed me to Tony when I told him about my fuel system woes. As long as there is Watt, I'll never have to spend time thinking about where to get a motor built. Thank you so much for the beautiful motor, and all the advice.

Steve @ FIS -
Steve is a fantastic mechanic, and an even better friend. He asked me to deny anything if anyone asked if he had anything to do with this crazy car, so I'm denying everything. That said, I would have given up on this thing a long time ago were it not for Steve. Plenty of ideas and innovations came out of FIS. If you need to get your stock or modified street Subaru going, I can't think of a better place to take it than FIS in Cumby, TX.

Last and definitely not least, I'd like to thank Shawn Rizzo (Squidz). He's TXIC's roving ASE Master Subaru Mechanic. He did all kinds of things to this car, from putting the monster fuel system in, to dealing with all my frustrating nit picks on the Aquamist system that we wound up not needing. He was there at the dyno sessions and at the track, making sure everything was mechanically sound. I have never seen speed and precision put together in one person like this. You're the man, Shawn. I could not have done this without you.

Now for what we've all been waiting for...

Event: dyno pull (12/3/2009)
Location: Jotech Racing - Garland, TX
Ambient Temp: 72.1F
Elevation: 551 FT
Weather: 29.18 in Hg, 16% RH
Tires: Kumho ECSTA SPT XL 225-40/19

Car: 2004 LandShark STi
Tuner: Kenny Tran
Dyno Info: Dynocom
Peak HP at RPM: [email protected]
Peak Torque at RPM: 578.2WTQ @ ~5800
Baseline hp/tq for a stock on same dyno: Unknown (relatively new dyno)
Baseline hp for a stock GT-R: 390whp
Target Boost: 30psi
Target AFR: 11:1 (Gas AFR)
Fuel: VP M1

Engine/Power Modifications:
EJ257/EJ205 hybrid motor
Garrett GT4088R
Custom Jotech FMIC (850HP core)
Aquamist HSF-5 6nozzle system (not used)
TiAl 44mm BOV
Grimmspeed DBW TB
Stock intake manifold tapped for HSF-5 port injection (not used)
Grimmspeed TGV deletes
ID2000 injectors
Aeromotive fuel rails
Weldon 180gph fuel pump
Fuelab fuel filters
Fuelab FPR
2.0L cam gears
Ferrea +1mm valves
Ferrea dual valve springs, Ti retainers
Custom ground Kelford race cams
Custom cut head gasket from Watt's Shop
CP pistons (OEM Size)
Darton sleeves
Pauter rods
STi crank
Fully balanced rotating assembly
TiAl external WG
3.5" custom Jotech Racing race exhaust
AEM 1820 DBW EMS (modified)
AEM AIT sensor
AEM 5-bar MAP sensor
WRX cam sensor
Phormula KS-4 Knock Analyser + KS-PRO
Driveline Modifications:
Cusco Eng/Trans mounts
ACT sprung 6-puck XT
Gruppe-S Flywheel
Kartboy Shifter
TiC Full clicky kit
TiC Unabomber's Sexy Rear End
Suspension Modifications:
AST Raceline 3-way adj coilovers
F/R Cobb sway bars
Other Modifications:
Autopower roll bar
G-Force harness
5gal fuel cell
Hood scoop blank plate
Seibon CF trunk lid
firewall replacing back seat

This wasn't the biggest number it put down. It was just my favorite. We had turned it down a bit to get the cam sensor figured out, and I figured this one was a keeper. Now I just need to swap this little street turbo for a real one, and we can put down some respectable numbers.
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