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We tune the LINK ecu quite well...had it on my car after the engine swap was done. The ecu was initially tuned by another shop, but it ran horrendously...boost spiked from 10 psi to 18 psi in gear, cold starts were awful, car ran excessively rich, and constantly fuel cut. After nursing the car back home, I took it upon myself to redo the programming. With the help of our supplier, I was able to work through all the issues, and ended up with a very smooth running car that still got respectable gas mileage (around 21 mpg in mixed driving), and it had sheer gobs of power. Though the LINK certainly has its quirks (like any ecu), it is a lot of value for the dollar. However we only will tune it for a unit we sold in the first place, as there are so many questionable versions that go around. Many vendors unknowignly send them out the door with older software versions because that is all their supplier provides them with. Our supplier has been running the LINK ecu's for years now (longer than anyone in the states), and as such, knows their way around the software, and keeps us constantly apprised of updates, etc.

John - we would certainly appreciate it if you kept your not so thinly veiled comments to yourself, especially when you are not 100% or even 50% in the know. If you have a problem, our door always has been open to discuss it with.
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