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What else do I need to install an aftermarket head unit into a 2010 STI?
This information applies to most 2008-up Imprezas and 2009-up Foresters:

Dash kit:

Applicable to 2008-2011 Impreza/WRX/STI/OBS, also 2012-2013 WRX & STI (not 2012-up Impreza), 2009-2013 Forester
  • Metra 95-8902:
  • Metra 99-8902:
    Metra single-DIN kit. Unlike the Scosche double-DIN part, the small pocket on this one is not removable.

  • Scosche SU2027 (includes 1-DIN pocket that you may optionally install):
  • JDM replacement fascia/bezel ("A/V panel"): P/N 317-008-028 (Subaru Part No. H0017FG907, not available directly from Subaru outside of Japan)

    ADDED: There are 3 different colors: AVO JDM P/Ns:
    • 6065FG020 "Silver"
    • 6065FG000 "Lighter Silver"
    • 66065SC030 "Two Tone"
    (note 1st and 2nd items, "silver" and "lighter silver," show the same picture link)

    ADDED: See pictures of the different colors here

    NEW: 66065SC130 two-tone silver/black is now available as a USDM and CDM part! Pictures here.
    List of mail-order discount Subaru parts vendors here.

NEW for 2012-up Impreza (not WRX or STI), 2012-up Crosstrek, and 2014 Forester (all which have a new dash design). See this thread.

New dash kits:
  • : Scosche SU2029B (includes 1-DIN pocket that you may optionally install):

    Click link to see additional pictures, including one with pocket installed
  • : Metra 95-8905B (2-DIN opening, no pocket):

  • : Metra 99-8905B (2-DIN opening and includes 1-DIN pocket that you may optionally install):


All of those provide a true double-DIN sized (7x4") opening instead of the factory non-standard size (8" wide). The Metra and Scosche kits have a "frame" that fills the gaps in the factory fascia, plus new plastic mounting brackets. The JDM panel replaces your factory fascia with one that has a smaller opening (and you re-use your car's metal radio mounting brackets).

Tip: Since you still use your OEM brackets with the JDM fascia, you can go ahead with your install and swap out the fascia when you receive the new one (without having to remove your HU again).

Wiring Harness (for power and speaker connections):

Applicable to most* 2008-2012 Impreza/WRX/STI and 2009-2012 Forester
  • Metra 70-7552
  • Scosche NN04B
  • American International NWH-704
  • Best Kits BHA7552
(all originally intended for newer Nissans, which have a very similar factory radio harness).

See the pin-out here (post #11 in my 'Stock HU FAQ' thread).

If you're planning to retain your audio steering wheel controls (SWCs), none of those harnesses include the SWC wires. See the notes in my pin-out and my homepage for a harness with the SWC wires. Beware: Many of the cheaper ones (and even old Metra stock) may also be missing the ground, illumination, and power antenna wires.

If your Impreza or Forester doesn't have the audio SWCs, it's not too difficult to add them. See links here.

* Impreza and Forester models that have one of the various Subaru OEM navigation HU models use different harnesses.

The Kenwood OEM Navi...
still uses the same 14-pin radio power/speaker harness used in earlier years. Models with the Tom-Tom navi also use that harness.

If your car has the OEM Kenwood or Tom-Tom Navi and you want to upgrade to an aftermarket HU, I can put together harnesses to connect to the factory 14- and 24-pin plugs (so you won't have to splice into any factory wires). E-mail me for details (not PM -- see my profile).

Models with the new OEM nav (with the SD-card slot) use completely different harnesses. See this thread.

Antenna adapter:

Many recent Subaru models now have Subaru's proprietary antenna plug. To install an aftermarket HU (nearly all of which have a socket for the older-style Motorola plug), you may need a Subaru antenna adapter.

  • Metra 40-SB10
  • Scosche SUAB
  • American International SU-6
  • Best Kits BAA26

Note: There is a similar-looking adapter for Nissans (with a gray rectangular plastic shell) which will not work in Subarus! Although at first glance they look the same, the Nissan plug is wider and has different keys.

Important: Do not pull the small coax wires. These connectors are somewhat fragile, and many people have accidentally ripped the wires out of the connectors. Only hold the gray plastic shells. The car's antenna plug has a release button on one of the narrow sides.

Often, you can Google your OEM HU's model number to see a picture of the back (so you can tell which kind of antenna socket it has). Otherwise you'll have to look behind your factory radio to determine whether you need an antenna adapter. Your car may already have an OEM antenna adapter that converts to a Motorola plug.

See this thread I compiled for guides to removing your radio:
Stock head unit information -- pin-outs, subwoofer, aux inputs, and more

Other issues (2011 and later):

See this post for info on USB, Bluetooth microphone, and more.
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