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Default Re: Stock WRX vs Stock Touring 350z

Everyone should be kicked off for;
1) exceeding the speed limit,
2) for wreckless acceleration,
3) and especially for racing at a track unless it is an unlicensed/uninsured off-road vehicle---> insurance fraud. Insurance fraud raises my auto insurance rates.

4) posting in the wrong forum ... where are the definitions, again?

5) Eveyone that is using a radar detector in VA & Wash., DC,

6) Everyone that has modified their car that violates Federal DOT exhaust emissions.

7) And, everyone that knows about any of the above and knows someone that has/is doing same and not reporting said offense to the appropriate authorities ... should be given a thorough scoulding and kicked off and reported for not reporting.

Or, is this simply the right to free speech?
Originally posted by highflyerbballer
My friend has had his 350z a month now and we just now got around to racing eachother. I pulled him by like 2 cars in the beginning and then he caught up at the end and we tied. It was dead even. We didnt go again cause other people were racing. i was pretty happy though that I did so well against him cause I have been having trouble with bogging my car down. I will update if we race again wich will problably be soon.
Kudos to you BTW

Sounds like bragging... involves power ....

Who are all these people being so anal? Democrats? Isn't that the political party associated with laws to protect ourselves from ourselves? Oh, oh, I'm off topic ... and that is not PC either. But, then I'm not the 1st in this thread am I?
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