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nwidtfeldt: <Slvrblt> and today's random question to entertain everyone: If you could claim you wrote any book- what would it be?
<fish> kama sutra
<thug> bible
<Slvrblt> I already have mine and thug just said it
<JGard> The toran
<thug> wait
<fish> koran?
<thug> the Toran?
<thug> wow
<bluedominion> yeah, wtf is the toran?
<Slvrblt> either that or the Tora
<mattk> ha
<Slvrblt> or is it torah?
<thug> Torah and Koran
<JGard> tora
<JGard> koran
<thug> 2 different books, 2 different religions
<JGard> I write them both
<JGard> merge into one book
<JGard> new religion
<JGard> listen
<Slvrblt> way to go- jamma loses at religion
<JGard> any religion that hates Jesus isn't worth knowing
<Slvrblt> this is like that scene from Forgetting Sarah silverman
<JGard> that's all I have to say about that
<JGard> honestly I couldn't remember
<JGard> I thought it was Tora
<JGard> but I thought that would be wrong
<JGard> so I wrote Toran
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