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Originally Posted by kev m View Post
Originally Posted by speedymatt View Post
the frame is the weak link not the engine. H6 outbacks are still rated at 2400lbs.

But what are they rated out outside the US?

I don't know the answer, but I know that on most BMWs for instance lawyers keep the ratings un-necessarly low in the US for liability reasons.

I imagine if nothing else it would mean you could safely tow at the limit of 2400 lbs at more ease.

As a follow up to that, it appears that you may be mistaken. Unless you were specifically talking about the 2006 H6 (as I can't find data on that right now).

But using the comparison function on you'll see that the 2009 H6 Outback and the redesigned 2010 H6 Outback and both rated at 3000 lbs, while at the same time the 2009 2.5 Outback is and the 2010 2.5 Outback are rated for 2700 - so in both of those cases the chassis wasn't the limiting factor.

Having towed more than ton of stone with the NA Baja I can tell you the chassis was not the limiting factor. The NA motor could handle it, if you weren't in a rush, and as long as you didn't start from a dead stop up at a step hill...
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