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Originally Posted by SCRAPPYDO View Post
Voluntary, you are aware that most californians HAVE to drive to work because they cannot afford to live close to it. And when I lived in Cali, I never saw much public transportation. You cannot ask a person who lives in Huntington Beach to ride a bike to LA. By car its an hour commute depending on traffic. There are no busses that run that route.

I really think that we need to consider 'blackwater-ing the entire cali legislature' how can people be so stupid.
Yes voluntary. You are aware that it is talking about public parking, not lots created by employers. So your argument makes no sense at all. You can still drive to work if your business isn't freeloading off the tax payers to provide parking for its employees.

How can people can be so stupid? There are numerous ways.

And beyond all that even in your dire and incorrect reading of the proposal it would still be voluntary. Just because someone doesn't like something doesn't mean it isn't voluntary. They can choose different jobs, the labor market could demand higher salaries to make up for it. They can do parking permits for people who live in the area, or work there. Lots of communities already do that when there is a problem of people parking. I hate paid parking, absolutely. That doesn't mean that when I do park and pay it isn't voluntary. It means something else overcame my aversion to it. None of that touches on whether this is a good idea. There are many downsides. There is the potential to hurt businesses by removing customers. This could lower the tax revenues by more than the parking makes up for. It is still a voluntary tax though.

Orbital the east is full of metered parking. The west has free parking all over so I don't know why you love the east coast, but I imagine it may be because you haven't been out west
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