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FWIW I'm not suggesting the Baja could/should under any configuration tow 5000 lbs or something like that.

Matt you make the point well with the H6 in basically the same chassis is only rated at 2400 and extrapolating from the later models Subaru has rated the later-outback with the H6 at 3000. So that supports your logic, i.e. that based on powertrain strength they might have rated the H6 Outback higher in those years IF they felt the chassis was up to it.

BUt, one question no-one has answered was the ORIGINAL QUESTION I ASKED.

I have seen with other brands where they rate their vehicles significantly lower in the US when the EXACT SAME CHASSIS is rated HIGHER in Europe.

This is done STRICTLY for liability, as it is no secret the US is plagued by this moreso than most other areas in the world.

So my ORIGINAL QUESTION WAS AND REMAINS - IS the Baja or related Outback platform (through 04) rated for more towing ability elsewhere in the world?

IF IT IS, that would be enough for me to tow A LITTLE MORE with this chassis.


That was my only point.


PS - re-read what I bolded - you said 2000 max for NAs, then in the same sentence said 2400 NA with trailer brakes. Minor contradiction. For the record I think it was 1000 for NA without trailer brakes and 2400 with. Yes? But there can be only one "max".
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