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Originally Posted by Big-E View Post
Time and again I will post and say basically that when you do the timing belt you should also do the idler and tensioner pulleys as well as for the water pump.

I would say that probably 97% of the time I am presented with people who say that this is overkill and/or just too expensive to do. What's the cost of cooking the engine? Many however will drop big $$$$ into "enhancement parts" but scoff at performing the basic maintenance needs. Go figure?!

I've worked in the automotive industry and have actual related experience. Have you ever had a customer come back after you told them, both verbally and in writing, that you need to replace just more than the timing belt itself? They don't get it. Even when presented with facts they can't understand that they should have spent, for example, $500 on a complete timing belt & accessory service, not the $100 on just replacing the belt as requested, to end up spending $1,000 (or more) on a 'new' engine. (NOTE: I used these dollar amounts for demonstration purposes only.)
I agree quite a bit with your sentiment. I'll expand it slightly further and say that way way way too many people who have a car do not know very much about the 'whole picture' when it comes to cost of ownership. A person gets to the point where they can afford payments on a 72 month loan (not wise) and think they can afford a WRX or Escalade or Lexus GS (pick your poison). They NEVER think about insurance, maintenance costs (including oil changes, routine replacement items, labor to work on the car) or tires. Then they skimp on tires and run the cheapest crap SUV/truck tire they can find and think 4wd is infallible in the snow ice just up to the point they rear end you. Or they cannot believe an oil change and check up is $150 or more so they don't get simple maintenance things performed on time. Or they can't believe a timing belt, idler, water pump job is $800 so they only do the belt. The list can go on. Or they don't get good insurance (or any) and cost responsible people who do a lot of money. It's not only younger folks either. There is a 35+ year old guy in my neighborhood with a GX470...thing sounds like it has a spun bearing and the tranny is smacking when it engages...why? because he can't afford to maintain it because his payment and insurance is too high.

Phewwww end rant, sorry .
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