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Here are the installation instructions (using my harnesses/adapters with the Kenwood DNX5140 into a 2010 STI):
Stock HU Removal

See links to OEM HU removal instructions in this thread:
Stock head unit information -- pin-outs, subwoofer, aux inputs, and more
2010 STI is the same as 2008-2009 Impreza and 2009 Forester.

If you live somewhere cold, heat up the interior of your car before pulling on plastic dash pieces. Remember to open your garage door while you run the engine (or go out to the store and back).

The new Impreza/Forester fascia does have pry slots on the bottom, and can be removed without removing the long "ribbon" trim piece first. People have used plastic dash removal tools, a credit card, a plastic spatula, or even bare hands to gently pry off the panel. If you're overly cautious, apply a few layers of removable masking tape on the surrounding panels. See this post.

Connecting 20-pin harness to Kenwood's harness

The pin-out table for the 20-pin "into car" (AKA "forward") harness is here.

The "EIA Color" column shows the wires on the 20-pin harness. Connect to the harness that comes with your Kenwood. Although the colors should match, use your head unit's manual to verify the function of each wire.

Watch out for wires with stripes -- the stripes are narrow and easy to miss. It helps to work in bright light (daylight, even!).

On my harness (as well as the Nissan harnesses from the other manufacturers), the Blue/White wire at pin 9 powers the Subaru's antenna booster amp. Connect that wire to the Kenwood's Blue "power antenna" wire.

Connect the Orange wire (pin 1, Illumination +) on my Subaru harness to the Kenwood's dimmer wire (Orange/White on the HU's harness).

The two SWC wires on my harness are Brown/Red (plus) and Brown/Black (minus).

Be sure to insulate the ends of any wires you don't use (on both the 20-pin harness and the Kenwood's).

Test the HU before installing in the dash.

SWI Module

The latest SWI-JACK instruction manual is available here (click on the "Technical Docs" tab).

Also see the link there for the latest vehicle-specific instructions. At the moment, they don't have a listing for 2010 STI. Use "Impreza WRX 2008-2009".

Cliffs notes version of SWI wiring instructions:
  • Ignore where PAC's instructions talk about connecting to the car's factory radio harness. PAC uses Nissan's numbering scheme, and refers to the factory wire colors (because nobody else's installation harness includes the SWC wires).
  • Connect the SWI module's power and ground (Red and Black wires) along with your HU's and those wires on the 20-pin harness.
  • Connect the SWI's White wire to my SWC + (Brown/Red, pin 4)
  • Connect my SWC (minus) wire (Brown/Black, pin 14) to the other ground wires.
  • Do not cut either of the SWI module's loop wires.
  • Kenwoods have a plain wire for their SWC input (instead of a 3.5mm jack found on other brands). Connect the SWI module's Blue/Yellow output wire to the Kenwood's Light Blue/Yellow "Steering remote control input" wire. Insulate the end of the SWI's 3.5mm plug.

When you program the SWI and get to the step where it will "learn" your car's steering wheel buttons, crank the engine. Where the instructions say to press an SWC button, keep holding the button firmly for an extra moment after you get the confirmation from the SWI's LED.

Kenwoods have up to 10 remote functions, but your car only has 6 audio buttons. You can assign each of the car's buttons to any one of the HU's functions. For example, you could assign your wheel's Volume Up button to do the HU's "Disc Up" function, if you felt like it.

GPS Antenna

The GPS antenna can be mounted under the dash, above the radio -- the plastic is thin and the signals pass through easily. The factory location is above the instrument cluster.

Aux Input

Connect your car's 8-pin aux harness to my aux adapter. Connect the 3.5mm plug to the DNX5140's rear "Audio Input" jack. That will connect your center console 3.5mm jack to the HU's aux input.

USB Jack

If you want to extend the Kenwood's USB connector to your center console, see Subaru's instructions for their iPod or Media Hub kits to see how to run the cable from the HU to the center console.
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