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We first set off to fix the fire damage. Got the engine out of the way and started to tear into cleaning. A good pressure wash clean up most of the soot pretty well. We sanded and painted the area and it actually came out pretty well. We picked up a new wiring harness and installed it. Thought making our own since the car will be on a stand alone EMS this year, but didn't want to mess with it. Maybe next year.

While the engine was out we decided to run new fuel lines. We will be running a 3582 this year in place of the 3071 and wanted to make sure we could supply plenty of fuel to the engine. We ran new hardlines from the fuel cell all the way out to the engine bay.

Terminating fittings for the engine bay.

Bulkhead fittings. These are right next to the brake booster on the inside of the car.

Also while the dash was out we decided to get rid of the giant blower motor and box. We wanted to save the weight if possible, but still need the fan system and more importantly heat for what we do with the car. Our solution was to take some brake duct fans and put them blowing into the box where the heater core sits. We pulled the resistor pack off the stock blower motor and wired the fans such that the stock blower switch operates them. They blow differently on all four speeds and have about the same amount of airflow as the stock blower motor. We routed ducting to the normal air inlet position so that it is always pulling in fresh air.

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