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Thanks for the reply and thanks for the link to the ebay page. That shed a little light on things, but I still have more questions. If you don't mind me asking, which turbine wheel are you pairing with the 19T compressor wheel? Is it a TD04H, HL, TE04H, or something else? Are you machining the TD04L housing to make it fit or are you starting with a larger turbine housing? And pending that answer, are you open to doing other custom builds?

There are many of us on who value turbo response over peak power. A lot of us are looking at the 19T upgrades as a way to get more power and still have stock-like response from the 2.0L motor. On the 2.0L motor the stock TD04L-13T can make 15-16psi by 2800rpm with some good tuning work and put 220-230hp to the wheels. With response like that its hard for many of us to upgrade to a larger turbo as we have to sacrifice response to get power. Depending on which turbine wheel you are using for the 19T compressor I'm concerned about the loss in spool characteristics. I'm sure I can make 300whp with a TD04HL-19T, but I'd rather make 280whp and hit peak boost 300-500rpm sooner with something a little smaller. If I'm looking for 300whp and peak boost at 3500rpm there are quite a few options already available...TD05H-16G or any of the IHI VF30/34/35/39/43.

At the moment there doesn't seem to be a middle ground option for the 2.0L Impreza WRX owners. It would be nice to have some options available between the stock 13T and a 16G. Is it possible to put a 15T or 16T compressor wheel on the stock TD04L turbine wheel? Is it possible to fit the TD04H wheel into the stock TD04L housing and build a TD04H-18T? What would a TD04H-18T cost?

Also, do you work from new components only or could I send a turbo to you for modification? I have a stock one lying around that has some pretty heavy port and polish work done on the turbine housing. Assuming you can put a larger turbine wheel in the stock housing I'd imagine some amount of the porting work will remain useful for the new wheel.


Hello Brad,

I believe the td04h and td04hl are a bit too large of turbine wheel. I uses the te04h wheel for this upgrade. I can do
a 16t upgrade compressor wheel with the stock turbine wheel for $325.00 rebuild included. I cannot do a 18t as I do not have a source for
those wheels. I use all new parts genuine mitsubishi bearings seal etc. The compressor wheel I have made because the avaiablility from
mitsubishi is terrible. I can work on your turbo no problem .

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I'm quite certain they told me they use a TE04H. And yes, the TE04H is smaller by 0.03" at the inducer...but its 0.14" larger at the exducer. Regardless, it seems they've finally confirmed things and also confirmed that there isn't going to be much performance difference between the TD04H and TE04H wheels.

Wolf, I'm still excited to see what you get for results
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