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Originally Posted by Anup View Post
correct me if i'm wrong.. but i'm pretty sure that nissan doesn't replace the gtr tranny's that go for like 25k a piece.. and wouldn't you think it's kind of stupid that you're paying 200k for a car that can't be used to its full potential off the line? but then again that's if what you said is correct.. all in all.. yeah, im defending the "cheaper" car lol, cuz with the same money invested in a gtr.. its highly doubtful any of these cars would keep up on the 1/4 or a track for that matter lol
Yeah, you completely missed what he was saying:

A couple GT-R owners were pissed when they abused their cars and Nissan didn't replace the transmission for free under warranty. He was saying people that buy Lambos and such don't abuse their cars because they actually know better, unlike the retarded GT-R drivers that blew up the internet with their idiocy.
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