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3. Remove the tweeter panel to access the bolts for the mirror. You may or may not need to remove the door cards to route the wires from the mirror through the door grommet. If you have a long enough hanger and are skillful with it, you may be able to route through the top of the grommet, up through the opening at the top of the door card where the 3 bolts securing the mirror are. It may be difficult to disconnect the mirror harness, however, without removing the door card.

(Image is post LED install, so you will not see those 2 red wires at this point).

4. After disconnecting the mirror harness, you will now have this:

Remove the visible screw. There is another hidden screw, which can be accessed when you fold the mirror in (towards the car). May help to have someone hold the mount point of the mirror while you fold the mirror in (counter-clockwise to the triangle mount). Remove that screw.

5. There are 2 screws under the 2 black circular foam pieces. They are glued down, so just take a flathead to pull them out.

6. This bottom piece of the mount should now have some movement so you can separate it from the rest of the mirror housing.

7. Now remove the screws from the back of the mirror housing.

8. There are 2 screws which will aid in routing the LED wires from the back of the mirror, through the triangular mount area (where the mirror harness comes out of). Just remove the 2 circled green ones, not the circled reds.

9. Don't bother trying to get through the black protecting wrapping--use some mechanics wire (or a very thin hanger) to route up through the that same path. As you should be able to see from the picture.

10. Crimp on some quick disconnects to the LED end of the wires:

Size that worked for me were from RadioShack: 3/16 Quick Disconnects:
Though if you have anything smaller it may make it a bit easier to connect.

11. Route the car-end of the wire through the triangular mount. Don't try to get it through the where the mirror harness exits because there is a metal crimp there, which basically makes it impossible to get anything through. There's an opening in the corner, which works fine:

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