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fave color?

recurring dream/nightmare?

The world is consumed in atomic fire. There is no life left except me and the group of people I managed to get into my decomissioned nuclear missle silo in Kansas. Oh, wait, that ones not mine.

Being involved in some form of disaster and not being able to help those around me. The theme varies but it's always my inability to help those around me. It's become an obession to where I've learned more about medicine and engineering that I ever wanted to in the first place.

fantasy waiting to be acted out?
Vibecity, me, and some marshmellow fluf.

Seriously though, I'd like to do a cross country trip through Australia. That and see Japan.

A girl who will actually DATE me.

product of domineering parents?

Mom was physically abused by my ex step dad. Was forced to change school 14 times and move 8 times. Nothing sucks more than not having any friends when you need support. As a byproduct I'm the single most resiliant and self sufficent person I know.

history of getting along well with others?

See above. I'm a pretty mellow guy. I love to have a good time and will make a fool out of myself to make my friends laugh. Ever seen a white boy sing 80's rap Karaoki?

where were you last tuesday at 5:37pm?

I think that was my fencing class. You know, watches and stuff.


Well, tomorrows my B-Day but I guess I can claim I'm 23, Male, St. Looser, Missery.
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