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Originally Posted by 801_STi View Post
yeah i think its 90/10 on 04/05 and 60/40 06 07 not sure though
Are you referring to the torque split? If so it's 35/65 on 04/05 models and 41/59 on 06+ models.

It gets kind of iffy - as in "I'm not really sure" - from there. I believe in AUTO mode, all model STI's might have the ability to transer 50% of the power to the front wheels if needed (maybe, I apologize if I'm incorrect).

In manual mode the torque split stays fixed (35/65 or 41/59) regardless of the setting (even lock), it's just the amount of initial lsd torque applied to DCCD that changes (more lsd torque keeps the front/rear wheels moving at similar speeds while less lsd torque allows wheel speed to vary more front/rear).

Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
Must have missed the debate.

Anywho, it looked like fun. I like the body panel nomming snow banks. I enjoy that kind of surface, good mix to where you need to read the surface but also enough grip so you're still having fun and not putting around at 5mph-10mph. It's hard for me to consider it ice driving unless it's on a lake though. Maybe they should have hosed the whole course down before hand. Then again, pure ice is easier to drive on then that type of surface as ice alone is very consistent and predictable. It just would have been an insanely slow race unless you guys were running studs or WS60s or something.

What tires were used for the exhibition?
This is a very good point. It looked more like mud/slush driving - I didn't really see any ice.
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