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Originally Posted by amalgrover View Post
if you are really determined to relocate the oil cooler, why not just install an aftermarket setup? It still uses the oil filter sandwich adapter, but it just uses it to run lines to an oil cooler that is mounted at the front of the car. This would give you ultimate cooling capability, everyone else said...why do you need to cool your oil that much. Your car will actually run worse if the oil is not hot enough. You will find yourself blowing all kinds of oil seals as well as have a lot more blow by in this scenerio...just keep the stock setup unless you are tracking the car on a regular basis.
Ok... clearly people don't read the entire thread. If they did there would not be comments like the one above. PLEASE people read the treads entire content, not just a post or 2. If you don't you have no idea what your talking about.

I stated before that I don't want to spend money. That I am trying to get people to think, and come up with a possible alternative, and we need to stop having people come in and say the same thing over when I repeatedly say that I don't want(and more importantly-don't NEED) anyones opinions!

On a personal note about the oil cooler going on my personal car.... well, to be completely honest I drive like an A$$ Hole... not really but that is what a lot of peoples opinions are who don't know how to drive...
Honestly, my normal cruising speed is usually 90mph, and I always weave through traffic. I need the best possible protection in my daily dirver that I can get... Cuz I don't think there is a car out there that can handle me on a daily basis. Ive gone through 3 motors, and 2 trannys(now moved on to an 04 because it's stronger) in the last 2 years(90k miles)... YEAH-REALLY. Not that I race... cuz I really don't-I just get where I'm going fast. ---and that is with oil changes with Amsoil every 3k, gear oil changes every 15k with Lucas/heavy oil stabilizer, diff changes when tranny is changed, rad flushes regularly with redline supercoolant added always(prestone coolant/antifreeze-mostly water in summer).... point being I do a crazy amount of maintainance on my car-I just really need to keep things as cool, clean, and smooth as possible!

Not to mention that there is no difference in an aftermarket setup, and using an oil cooler from somthing else(which in theory is AFTER market.) Plus the cooler I have is probably better than most you can buy-It is 9"x11"x3/4" with 27 rows, and so many fins if I tried to spray paint it a different color it would ruin the cooler because it would clog it!
And who cares about buying AFTERMARKET stuff... I Make almost everything on my car - BOV/Clutch/Racing Radiator/and the Air filter in my custom intake - aside, every mod on my car was fabricated by myself! ( and before I blew my EJ205 I was running 285hp/305tq with NO TUNING and all bolt-on items that I created that were probably better than a lot of ones you can buy!)

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