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The funny thing is, everyone is trying to tell you in the nicest way possible to quit wasting your time, and focus on things that really matter. FYI, i did read your whole thread...maybe you shouldn't ask for people's advice if you aren't going to accept it. So far, you started this thread looking for some advice. When the advice you get isn't what you want to hear, you insult the people who were actually nice enough to take time to answer your questions. Maybe, instead of wasting your time trying to come up with a FREE way to reinvent the wheel, which is completely pointless, you should be thinking of a way to stop breaking your cars and learn to drive them fast without destroying them. Driving fast doesn't always equal breaking stuff. For someone that joined this site 2 months ago, you are pretty ungreatful of other people's time and knowledge. Maybe you should go back to the newbie forums until you are ready to actually listen to people's advice that is given to you...or at least respectfully decline to accept it instead of being a total *******...

...but what do i know...i am just another unknowledgeable guy on this forum...good luck time click the little search button before you ask questions like this, and maybe you won't get all these "dumb people" answering in your sacred thread...
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