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Yeah I guess it would cycle almost all the oil through its cooling system in theory. Im assuming you can run the pump for a good deal of time considering its a pump designed for constant-on and smooth quiet operation. The power consumption is 500ma (.5amps*12volts=only 6watts!). Ive got a very similar Taco pump that has its own dedicated solar module hooked to it (so its only on when the sun is up) that runs the ethylene glycol through my solar hot water system on the house. I can hear the pump in the house if everything is off and im listening for it but other than that its chillin'. It only needs 20watts, so it didnt even take that much- its just a 20W Kyocera module powering it. I would snag that pump for testing this system but it flows like 30LPM haha.
If the system were to be that efficient you probably would not want to use my second idea of flowing oil out of the drain plug and into the pre-filter hose. It would outflow the engine creating a stoppage of flow from the engine into the filter and possibly backflow somewhere. From and To the oil pan would be the best way then.
But the pumps rating of 1.7gal/min is for a low viscosity fluid such as water, glycol, or molybdenum silicone coolants. Pumping hot oil in there will slow it down a bit. How we would quantify that without buying one and testing it with some jugs of oil is beyond me but its an assumption.
I dont think the engine would mind if it were experiencing a temperature drop from the oil cooling rapidly IF the system ended up being that efficient. Its not like were pumping the oil that is cooled straight into the engine for use, were pumping it into about 4qt reservoir. Even the freezing cold oil that is pumped into the pan from what has been sitting in the cooling system/radiator would have a shocking effect IMO- it'd probably just be a bonus.
I was thinking if I were to test this setup without fully committing to it with installing plugs in my oil pan a good way to test-rig would be to flow oil out from the drain plug (although a 20mm fitting for a hose will be an interesting find) and back into the system through a hose running in through the oil fill cap.
I so wish my car werent under the knife so deeply right now, I would love to start getting some temp readings to asses the feasibility of the system.

I dont see whats wrong with doing it like every other car and manufacturer does it by just dedicating a little radiator inline with the factory hosing or using an oil cooler sandwich, which can be had for >$20. Less cost than the pump idea, weighs less (even though the pump is only 10oz), no wiring, and already widely used. I love to entertain the possibilities of the idea but we really may be reinventing the wheel on this. You can pry an oil/trans/powersteering cooler off any big old car at a junkyard if you dont want to spend a lot. BTW Its how the JDM STi and any aftermarket Subaru kit does it too, lines from sandwich.

Hey this reminds me, its going to be off-topic here but how is the power steering system on Subarus? I was auto-Xing in my Audi for a while and I fixed its sloppy overheating power steering system by replacing the factory cooler (which was essentially a single metal finless line that ran across the face of the radiator) with one of the vato-zone oil coolers. Worked great; no longer experienced system fade due to high temps while @ track.
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