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What about putting an older Japenese motor in my newer car (i.e. 94-96 EJ20g into my 99 RS). Sure, why not? JDM motors only have at most 60,000 miles - it plugs in and works just fine.
Hello all,
Long time lurker, first time posting. To be brief; I just bought an STi V2 engine/tranny with ECU and wiring harness. I want to swap this into my into my 99 2.5 RS. Now I know physically installing the engine and tranny will be a walk in the park but I am wondering about mating the wiring harness to the car.

I know the STi V2 has a mechanical speedo cable while the gauges in the RS reads from the VSS in the tranny. I have access to the mechanical GC era STi speedo. Would this make this swap easier?

Or is it just as easy to use the RS VSS in the STi tranny and splice a wire to the appropriate part of the STi harness?

All I am looking for is the engine and transmission swap. I want to keep the stock RS gauges. What do I need to do to swap the STi V2 stuff into my RS?

I am getting all of my ducks in a row now so I can do the swap this Easter weekend.

The thread originator says that this STi V2 into 99 RS swap is easy. Is it as simple as pulling the 2.5RS ECU and related harness out and replacing it with the STi ECU/Harness and then plugging everything in and modding the harness to read info from the RS' VSS?

Or can I just get a mechanical STi speedo and go that route?

The wiring of this swap is the only source of question marks for me. Any mechanical or fitment issues I can solve.

Any help on this would massively appreciated as I've done all kinds of searching and I can't find any hard info on how to accomplish this swap even though it seems it's been done many times. But I've found lots of other great info here. This really a great resource!


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