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OK, head spinning yet?

BEFORE YOU SOLDER ANYTHING, check the connections first. Don’t waste your time soldering to only find out you didn’t connect something right or made a mistake.

Solder your wires together up top to the green plug and the 08 wheel.

connect the two pins to go into the roll connector. DO NOT put back the airbag yet, check your connections first!

Connect the two bottom wires from the roll connector to their corresponding wires. (yellow wire goes to the illumination wire, grey goes to the white wire on the PAC).

Reconnect the battery, and now get ready to program the PAC unit. Here are the instructions from the PAC site.

Programming the SWI-PS with a version number.

The SWI-PS has to be programmed for version # 3.

1. Press and hold the Program Button on the SWI-PS while turning on the vehicle to the accessory position. The LED will turn on.
2. Release the Program Button and the LED will turn off.
3. Press the Program Button 3 times. Each time you press and release the Program Button, the LED will turn on and off. Once you press the Program Button 3 times, wait for 3 seconds. The LED will flash 3 times indicating it is programmed for version 3. If it flashes the wrong version number, you will have to start all over at step 1 above in this section. Turn the key off.
4. Once you have programmed the correct version number, you will not have to do these steps again. If you need to reprogram the steering wheel control, you can go directly to the next section.

Programming the SWI-PS to learn steering wheel control functions.

1. Turn the key to the accessory position (you do not need to hold the Program Button at this time). The LED will flash 3 times. This indicates it is programmed for version 3.
2. Press the Program Button until the LED turns on, then release the button (This will erase all previous learned steering wheel control functions). The SWI-PS is now ready to learn a command from the steering wheel.

3. The SWI-PS must be programmed in the specific order shown in the chart below. If a function is not needed, it may be skipped.

Pioneer Programming order for SWI-PS
1 Volume Up
2 Volume Down
3 Mute
4 Track Up/ Seek Up
5 Track Down/ Seek Down
6 Source
7 Preset Up/ Disc Up
8 Preset Down/ Disc Down
9 Band

4. With the LED on, press your steering wheel button until the light goes out and hold for one second more.
5. Release and the LED should come back on. If it does not please double check all connections and verify for correct version programming.
6. Repeat step 4 and 5 to program additional steering wheel buttons in the order corresponding to the chart above for your SWI interface.
7. If you come across a command in the chart that your steering wheel does not have, or you do not want to program, press the Program Button on the side of the SWI interface.
8. The LED will flash once rapidly and then stay on confirming that you have successfully skipped that command and are ready for the next button.
9. When you are done programming all the buttons, wait for about 7 seconds. The LED will flash 3 times indicating it is done programming. The LED will then flash 3 times indicating the version number.

Check and make sure all the buttons you programmed worked, check to make sure the illumination comes on when you turn on your headlights, and lastly make sure that your cruise buttons are working. Ill warn you now…the pac unit kinda blows, but is the only option I know of right now. All my buttons work ok except the mute and the volume up…they have a mind of their own (working sometimes and then not working)
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