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*we were discussing using airplane bathrooms*

<JGard> I like watching the slight curvature of the pee stream
<mattk> the pee stream curves?
<JGard> mattk: slightly
<JGard> you moving 500mph
<JGard> it has to
<mattk> why?
<fish> holy ****.. pee on a treadmill convo in
<fish> 3
<fish> 2
<fish> 1
<JGard> because nothing is moving the pee sideways to keep pace w/ the plane
<aphex> hahaha
<thug> haha
<fish> the contained air is
<mattk> jgard: so, there's a 500mhp wind blowing thru the plane?
<JGard> no
<fish> you're in a sealed chamber
<JGard> but you don't need wind
<thug> this is great
<aphex> lol
<JGard> trust me guys
<JGard> it curves
<mattk> what is providing the friction that slows the pee down then?
<GTF> aer we really having this convo?
<fish> yes
<thug> so if i toss a ball up in the air while i'm in a plane it will move sideways?
<fish> and it'll be amazing
<JGard> it's intertia
<mattk> inertia is why it DOESN"T curve
<JGard> no
<JGard> well right
<GTF> it should hit the nun in the last row
<JGard> it's not
<JGard> but you are
<GTF> your pee doesn't curve
<fish> but saying that is saying that anything I put on my tray table is going to eventually end up in my lap
<thug> even if i grip the seams and snap my wrist?
<mattk> i can't say that it doesn't curve, because I never looked carefully enough
<mizar> physics fight!
<mattk> but I don't see why it would
<JGard> we actually talked about something very similar in a college physics class
<thug> this isnt a physics fight, this is just JGard being wrong again
<JGard> not specifically pee
<JGard> sure thug
<mattk> jgrad: you talked about the coriolis effect
<aphex> my head asplode
<mattk> which is why things like hurricanes spin the way they do
<thug> no, Corollas had a problem with not stopping
<GTF> that is the effect
<mattk> also, the first link here is comical
<mattk> (Link:
<thug> something about the gas pedal sticking
<JGard> not quite matt
<aphex> (Link:
<aphex> hahhaha
<JGard> just more about inertia
<JGard> and vacuums
<thug> aphex: LOL
<JGard> trying to think of the best way to phrase an example...
<thug> maybe a frog peed in JGard's mouth when he was young
<GTF> You'll have to have a prince piss in your mouth to fix it.
<aphex> thug: that was the first link in matt's link
<GTF> nice
<JGard> i like the link
<JGard> but if you're in a plane and you have a ball, as thug said
<JGard> if you were in a big enough plane and tossed it, say 15 feet up
<GTF> you should be able to throw the ball up
<JGard> it would NOT land in the same vertical position in the plane as where you threw it
<GTF> and it would hit the person in the back row
<GTF> but it doesn't
<JGard> because the plane is moving forward
<JGard> I dunno, maybe I am wrong
<JGard> whatever
<GTF> maybe?
<JGard> I still see my pee curve
<GTF> maybe you got a sticky uretha
<thug> your momz sees my pee curve into her mouth
<Yotsuya> that's just an allusion due to the curve of the earth
<mizar> sticky urethra sounds like an awesome name for a band
<GTF> no
<GTF> my band is called the Cereal Rapists
<GTF> thank you
<mizar> eh
<thug> Yakuza:but in a plane, you arent on the Earf!
<mizar> cereal grapists
<mizar> and your logo is a bowl of cereal with grapes in it
<thug> and why are we alluding?
<mattk> jgard: if you can find somethig that describes what you're talking about, I'd read it
<Yotsuya> true; your pee is past escape velocity and will hit the moon
<JGard> mattk: I wouldn't even know where to begin looking
<JGard> but I guess I can see if I can find anything
<JGard> maybe I'm just thinking about acceleration
<JGard> and I probably am
<mattk> yeah, if the plane is changing speed or direction, your pee should curve
<mattk> but they usually make you sit down for that anyway
<kz> um
<kz> jgard
<kz> your pee doesn't curve if the plane isn't accelerating or decelerating
<kz> the plane, you, your pee, the air inside the plane, and the toilet are all moving at the same speed
<JGard> yeah
<JGard> oh well
<JGard> wow, botched that one good
<kz> heh
<JGard> regardless, I've seen the pee stream curve
<fish> that's gravity
<mattk> and you wonder why i argue with you. it's like batting practice
<JGard> but planes are constantly accelerating and decelerating
<fish> and it's easier to see that when it's hitting you in the face
<kz> yeah, I mean, if the plane is banking, decelerating, etc., then yes, maybe
<GTF> i cant wait for you to prove your theory on friday
<fish> it's all perspective..
<GTF> and you piss all over yourself
<kz> but imperceptibly... if it curves a lot, you're not likely to be staying in place
<aphex> hahaha
<mattk> if youre on the nose of a train doing 99% the speed of light, and you turn on a flashlight...
<kz> either that or your brain curved =P
<fish> that's called the "fasten seat belt" light.. or.. the pee bender
<fish> mattk.. it's purple
<kz> hahahah
<kz> "please return to your seats while the captain has illuminated the curved urine stream placard"
<thug> hahaha
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