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Originally Posted by greenspeed View Post
There was a topic retrac and I were pondering a while back and I want to ask.

On a target boost chart, if it is set up so that it's targets are linear throughout a throttle position and you use the boost controller to then vary the boost, is there a benefit to this?

basically 50%+ throttle was set at 19.81 for all rpm ranges and under 50% was set to a different number, the adjustment was then done by the boost controller. I tried this tune, it boosted like a raped ape and seemed to bring lag way down, however we didn't play with it long because for some reason the tune we jacked had some idle issues cause 10:1 afrs at idle and IAM's of 1 or 0 at times (16 bit). So have you ever set a boost chart up like this, and could you make it work like that at all?
Part throttle boost tuning is an art. I wrote about this earlier in the thread here.

My question to you is why allow any more than spring pressure at part throttle? Set the targets to stock for part throttle ranges. If your running an after market boost solenoid then drop you WGDC tables about 30% from stocku numbers and start with that.

Some problems with some things you wrote. IAM at 0 or 1 with a 16 bit ECU? 16 bit range for the IAM is 0-16. If you were reading 10:1 at idle and had an IAM of 0 or 1 then you had some serious problems with the map. I'm trying to imagine how you even get a 10:1 at idle without changing front O2 sensor scaling while in closed loop. The car can make up to a 40% total change in fueling during closed loop operation. So I guess you could have forced it out of closed loop, had messed up MAF scaling, injector scaling, or some combination.

Nothing personal but ff your able to make mistakes that large I would avoid tuning your car for now until you ask more questions and get back to the fundamentals.
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