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Default driving the EVO IX this time, WRX resting..EVO/WRX challenge !

I have to admit, EVO is much easier to drive on track. Needs less mods to be competitive. But not as fun as the WRX Love both ! but the WRX is heavily modded which made it super expensive to maintain.

Setup is:
2006 EVO IX MR 6spd
3180lbs w/o driver
Tomei ARMS 7960 turbo
Turboback exhaust
stock airbox w/hks filter
stock intercooler & piping
stock injectors & fuel pump
315WHP @ 22psi
HKS Hipermax Pro w/swift springs
cusco sway bars
Carbonetic single disc blade clutch
18x9 255/40/18 Toyo R1Rs
Class points 8.00
-0.25 for hans but dont wear it

My WRX would fit in the unlimited class in the challenge, we might bring it out for some testing. Not doing RTE anymore, the spirit is lost. We now have a new baby, and will keep it pure. This is the most competitive EVO/Subaru event on west coast. With 8.00 points, I'm sitting at the bottom of the mod class as expected. The other mod class cars already maxed out their 13 points allowed for mod class. I still have 5 to spend lol. The street class guys are having a blast They are all within 0.5 secs with 6.00 points. Having maxed out points, they are concentrating on driving skills and maintaining the cars well. I'm about 1-1.5 second faster than the street cars with my turbo upgrade which pushed me to mod class. Well, the points system is proving itself to be very fair. I will upgrade the intercooler most likely and run some R compound at Spring mountain to push the fast guys a bit I dont have the perfect line yet but getting there slowly but surely

Hope we can see more Subarus doing this challenge with us. So far STi-man had been a big supporter and gave the EVOs hard time. On sunday, sd 05 sti showed up and ran some fast practice session times before his clutch fluid started cooking. Hope to see him more often..There were also some brave GC8s who wanted to run the time attack session, but I think one got dq'd for some unknown reason..

This is not about winning or losing, come out to play if you feel like it There were vipers, porsches. civics, mazdas, s2000s, mustangs, bmws out there having fun. You guys are missing out !

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