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Originally Posted by bap2086 View Post
watching vid now.

what was the reasoning behind changing the turbo?

edit: car seemed to be pushing a bit. what kind of rates are you running with the swifts?
Tomei asked me to test it, and loved the low end power it made and decided to keep it. It should feel better with a larger intercooler. We shall see..
this is the test solely comparing 22psi OEM turbo vs 22psi Tomei turbo on this EVO IX

we have 10/8kg springs on it, shocks are set at 6/42 We had -3/-1.5 camber with 1/16 toe. I think the understeer is a combination of my bent line and 1yr old used R1Rs... want to proceed slow with this setup, testing every bit of change. Next is R compound and intercooler upgrade..
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