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Originally Posted by bap2086 View Post
14k-12k are huge rates heh.

10-8 swift would most likely work pretty well with 255 r comps.

ive been following the sierra evo since last year when they first made their debut. amazing car and an amazing team who is only going to keep improving. having a great racing driver in emp really helps as well.

ive seen the 7760 on some cars here. its a nice turbo. seemed like the evo liked it vs the stocker.

my only experience with the R888s were in an E36 m3 running 600lb springrates on ASTs. the car felt amazing but ive never driven them myself.
eheh we call those "concrete spec" in Turkey. They came out of a EVO cup car Sierra Sierra has a strong side but its not very reliable imo..They didnt run much and got to that level at one step with a huge budget. The team has great experience in racing but they are outsourcing the engine. Just today i watched them replacing a headgasket at RTA, which shows they really pushed to beat the record. Take into account that HKS team ran at button only once and they had jetlag. Now lets see the Sierra out of US

I ran them once, didnt really have too much chance to bring them to temp after getting kicked out at laguna seca RTA back in 2007. I was too loud lol just like all the other cars out there we all got DQd I will consider the R888s but I really want to run some AO48s !
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