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Originally Posted by mpj_becks View Post
You do realize that 101% of what you just wrote is complete BS right?

Sierra Sierra does more testing with their Evo and puts more miles on it than any other US based TA team. I would hardly call that landing where they are now in one huge step!

The motor they ran at BW had been punished for 2 weeks of testing and the head gasket was replaced as a precautionary measure so they could feel more comfortable turning up the wick on a motor they had a lot of miles on.

HKS rented the track prior to the BW event in 2007 and had been in the country for a while prior to the event (it was on HKS's booth at SEMA prior to BW) They tested at BW before and after SEMA to setup for track.

Oops I was wrong, 99% BS. They do have Cosworth handle their power train but I hardly think that's important most teams don't have the facilities to bore, hone, balance etc their own hardware and at best only do the mundane assembly work themselves.

I was there when Sierra came out to their 1st event. Where were you? behind the keyboard?

thanks for looking, please discuss respectfully and i will reply properly, i didnt event read your whole post after i saw the "%101 BS" part.
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