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Hi guys,

Big thanks to Alex and Eric for getting the ball rolling. I'm looking forward to coming back to the home land Pricing is still yet to be determined since we have yet to price air fare and dyno rental. But I suspect it'll end up running $950 a car. This will cover everything: air fair, my food/lodging, ECU re-flashing, initial street tuning and dyno tuning. This is pretty much the same we charge for customers who drive in to our shop for our re-flashing/tuning service.

To keep things less complicated, I'd like to reserve all 10 tuning spots for ECUTEK re-flashing/tuning only. Unfortunately, this means we won't have time for Unichip/TEC2/TEC3/etc,. tuning-- all of which demand quite a bit of dyno time-- something that I expect to be a limiting factor with that many cars and only one day of dyno rental.

As for when, I'm thinking about late January. But until we talk to BMTranny about dyno availability, this date will be up in the air. Eric, Alex and I will be going over details over the next few days so I hope we can finalize the details by the end of the week.

As said before, to ensure that everyone gets tuned properly, let's limit entry to 10 people. I would also like to do initial reflashing and rough street tuning the day before the dyno day. This means that the dyno day will be reserved only for fine tuning and bragging-right numbers This will also allow me to troubleshoot any problems which may (and probably will) arise with certain applications without sucking up too much dyno time. Obviously, we're planning this event for a weekend.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!

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