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Originally Posted by sierra68 View Post

Same basic setup as above with a few differences. I was hoping to hit 365/375 whp/wtq. . .think it's a possibility or am I pipe dreaming?

1. 365 - whp

2. DynoDynamics

3. Corr Performance in Baton Rouge, La. but Jorge from P&L is flying down to tune my car

4. New Orleans, La - below sea level, lol.

5. 93 Octane


Current (to be installed next weekend) mods:

FP HTA68 PnP/Coated
P&L catted DP
P&L Fuel Pump Mod (Walboro)
Forge BOV
APS Turbo Inlet
Blitz midpipe
Blitz Nur SpecR Quad Exhaust
Cobb APv2 w/ProTune
Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors
Lachute Performance EL headers
KillerB Oil pan & Pick-up (waiting on back order)
Stock Plugs
Crawford AOS v2

Thanks for the input. . .

You definitely want to go with a different turbo on your 2.5L motor. The "body" of the HTA68 simply is too small and will choke off your motor.
Also you want a turbo with an 8cm hot side, and a large compressor housing. The 8cm hot side allows the 2.5 to breath, which not only makes more power up top (which is what people think is the only point) but MAKES MORE POWER DOWN LOW and improves throttle response everywhere, low, mid, and high. Its all about volumetric efficiency. You need a turbo that not only has a compressor wheel big enough to push the amount of air you want (the amount of air you want is directly proportional to the amount of power you want to make) but that the body is large enough to physically allow the volume of air through.

Also, the numbers you are looking to hit, simply are not going to happen unless the dyno you are on is so incredibly high that it is essentiall lying to you. The shop you choose can blow smoke up your ass all day about it being real, but I assure you that if you come up against a car that ACTUALLY makes that much power, you will get pooped on HARD.

Honestly man, TD05-20G 8cm will make you a LOT happier than that HTA68 for your goals. I would also HIGHLY recommend an EWG and maybe even meth injection.
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