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06-07 Impreza Trunk Debadge Rebadge DIY
Photos and Text by: Kevin (DaWhiteScoob)

Special thanks to Drew (yesitsdrew5310) as I took some ideas from his outline as it was easy to read and follow.

Disclaimer:I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor for the results of doing so.

***Before attempting this "06-07 Impreza Trunk Debadge Rebadge DIY" please read the notes carefully that is located at the end!***

This modification was made to a 06 Subaru Impreza.

I recently bought a Subaru "rabbit" badge to replace it with the OEM badge,

Tools Needed:
  • "I" Badge or Subaru "rabbit" badge (***Must be 3inches or larger in width to cover the holes*** see
  • Fishing Line
  • Goo-Off or any other adhesive remover
  • Paper Towels
  • Micro-fiber cloth (recommended, easier removal of adhesive)
  • Painters tape (recommended, guide to put on new emblem)
  • Razer blade (optional, adhesive removal)
  • Hair dryer (optional,heat adhesive to remove easier)

Step 1: (Prep work)
Leaving your car out side in the sun or use a hair dryer to apply heat around the trunk badge.

Step 2: ("Cutting" the adhesive)
Take some fishing line and cut it about a foot long. Use the fishing line to "cut" the adhesive between the badge and trunk. You will not be able to "cut" all the adhesive only the areas that are in green and red in the picture below.

Step 3:
(Pulling the emblem off)
After "cutting" most of the adhesive between the trunk and badge, you will notice that you cant rotate the badge as it has two "spokes." Take the fishing line between the trunk and badge, put it on one side of the badge (green line in picture above) and slowly pull it towards you until you have enough room to grab the emblem's corner. While doing this, grab the edge of the emblem. While using your other hand grab the other side and pull gently towards you. You will see the adhesive stretching. Just keep on pulling until the adhesive rips off and the emblem is free.

Step 4: (Removing the adhesive)
Now that the emblem is off, you will see that some of the adhesive is still on the trunk. Use a hairdryer and blow it for 2 minutes until its hot
then use your finger to rub it off. Or using some goo-off or some other sticker/adhesive removal, spray it on the spot. Let it soak on the adhesive for a few seconds. Then take a paper towel and try to remove some of the adhesive off. Then repeat until it is completely off. (Has BALLS? If you have a steady hand and good eyes, a new razer blade can remove most of the adhesive.)(Taking a micro fiber cloth and scrubbing it off worked the best for me as it is rough and will not scratch the paint.) It is not any different than removing other badges

Step 5: (Clean for new adhesive)
This step is very important. In order to prepare the trunk for the new emblem, clean the trunk with clean water and new paper towels. Also check the inside of your trunk! Make sure the the area is completely dry and that there is no residue left behind from the goo-off or other sticker/adhesive remover. Skipping this step may case your emblem not adhere properly.

Step 6: (Setting a guide)
Using the painters tape as a guide. This will be easier to apply the emblem strait and in the center of the trunk. Take a long strip of the painters tap and put it below the green line. Then remove the tape where it is inside the red box. (Note: On my emblem I remove the tape so it was a 3/4 inch away from the holes.) This will show that the horizontal middle of the badge should be lined up on top of the tape to ensure that the badge would be centered and that it will cover the two holes in the trunk.
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