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Step 7: (Apply new badge)
Take your time as you only can do this once! Using the guide, remove a little of the backing of the adhesive on one side. Using this side as the starting point, check your guids and apply it to the trunk. Then slowly remove the remanding of the backing and push it to place. Finally apply pressure to the whole emblem to ensure the adhesive is "flush" with the trunk. Step back and enjoy.

1) The badge that is used must be 3 inches or greater in width! If it is less than 3 inches, It will not cover the holes that are exposed from the original emblem.

2) This badge that was used in this DIY, "Subaru rabbit badge", is a little flexible (carbon fiber material) making it easier curve to the trunk.

3) Believe it or not, not all i emblems are the same size or shape! Some eBay sellers sell "front" and "rear" set of i emblems. The small one is 74mm x 45mm and the larger one is 84mm x 54mm. The larger one would be more similar size of the original emblem. It will cover the holes more and has a greater surface area for adhesive, but it may create larger gaps than the small one.

4)For users that are using the "hard plastic" I badges, there might be a very small gap between the trunk and emblem.

People that apply these to the front of their cars will layer the 3m adhesive to make full contact to the grill. I do not recommend layering 3m adhesive, I would sugest going to a hardware store (Lowes or Home Dept) and buying a 3M "foam" type adhesive tape or something that is thicker than the adhesive that comes with the emblem.

Or you can take some sand paper and match the curve to the trunk. Take a sheet sand paper and tape the edges to a full un-open 3liter cylinder shape soda bottle. Using the curve of the soda bottle, lightly sand the back of the badge in one direction until it has a similar curve to the trunk. This would be for someone that is really anal about details.
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