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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
Ouch. That's hard to watch. The thing is skittish everywhere, and it's losing a bit of time fighting the car in transitions and corners instead of staying on the gas or getting on the gas earlier or stronger. It might be more so having the car tailored more to him. He's rather heavy on the steering on corner entry, and many times this has him coming into corners oversteering. If he was stable going in, he'd have a lot easier time exiting. The car seemed to oversteer a good bit off throttle but not really when on the gas. You've got a very nice engine setup in the thing. Now if only you could get the suspension sorted out. I don't suppose we get any hints on that aspect do we?

It's really cool to see you guys get that broad of a power band and that early of a spool up.
Yes we are losing quite a bit of time..he requested more front torque split, more low end power and better brakes we just got done with the new turbo setup, we achieved our better spool/better low end power goal. Now are in touch with cusco about setting up car.. They are helping a lot

this is what they said:
I got respond back from Tech from Japan.
The guy built our time attack car and GT racing car.
He checked your you tube video and he said you look like loosing 2-3 sec.
with your over steer.

He is saying that;

Button willow is not high grip course and our tarmac gear is not suitable for this circuit.
Back to DCCD unit is recommended which is much effective and faster way than setting up with LSD using tarmac gear.
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