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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
I'm curious how you're going to get more low end torque. It seems like you're already pushing the setup for the most part unless you run something exotic. You might be better off with a gearing change maybe to put the power where it needs to be.

2-3 seconds might be a bit conservative. I'm just a casual driver and not even a track person, but I can readily tell how much time Tarzan is off the throttle when I expect him to be on it and how much he's fighting the car. There is a big lack of confidence that shows through with how little of the course space he's using and how cautiously he's driving the car. He might be better with the current hardware if he could adjust his style some and spend extra time working around the quirks, but that's a matter of adapting to and hiding the the car's faults. I can only assume the setup is relatively new to him. Even with a bad setup a person can learn to drive it very fast given enough time and a little muscle memory.

I'm curious why he wanted more front end torque. For the infrequent times he's actually hard on the throttle in a corner, he isn't counter steering to correct the rear end. In some cases, he seems to even add a little more turn in(but in some cases, the rear does kick out). I'm curious if that desire would go away once the oversteer of the handling is reduced some. I think it would more so correct itself out. I kind of see on throttle (torque split) and off throttle(brake bias) handling balance as secondary steps after the suspension handling is sorted out. Then again, Tarzan has specific goals with the car and may want certain functional goals when on throttle, off throttle, and braking, and that's what's needed to achieve that goal. That's sort of the problem with drivers. Everyone drives different. You adapt the car to the driver or the driver adapts to the car.
We just swapped the turbo hotside housing from a T4 1.06 A/R to a Tial Vband 0.63 A/R. The gains are significant. The old setup might have had boost problems (as some tuners on this board are pointing out at proven power bragging section), but the A/R was our biggest concern more than anything and now we have pretty fat power band with 15psi @ 3500RPMs. So it is very promising. One our main issues was low RPM 3rd gear corners, and I had thought about a gearing change...But the 500PRM sooner spool should cover that..Now the challenge is to setting up the drivetrain better. I'm moving step by step, next will be center diff. Then the rear diff..

Tarzan drove the car for the 1st time, he had a day to practice, we did 3.5 sessions before the rear left axle broke. His strong point is getting used to a car fast, he increased his pace on the time attack day and did his best with the setup we had..After the race he told me about his preference of more front split, and it didnt make too much sense to me neither. Then he explained me the trick....So i will do a new setup per his request. This will also help with overheating issues we are having on the rear diff. On this case, we will adapt the car to his style
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