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Originally Posted by Back Road Runner View Post
I'm just a guy who likes driving cars. The most I've done with cars on a sport level is auto-x and rally-x, but I also got into drifting a while ago as a hobby and method to expand my skills. I still think I know only a fraction of everything I should know and have limited experience, but I've learned enough to get to a competent point and have a lot of fun in automotive sports. I sort of approach these forums as a helper and a guide. I answer what I can based off the information I've learned through my own en devours. I'm only 30 years old, but I've spent 15 of those years making cars go fast on everything from asphalt to ice. I just have fun with it and keep trying to learn more. Motorsports is a fun hobby, albeit spendy once you step into certain formats (why my poor self likes auto-x/rally-x). My comments/views come from this background, so take them as you like. I'm just a fellow enthusiast who has a passion for the sport and who's gained a bit along the way.

I haven't seen that Time Attack video yet. I watched the Roger Clarks one. Most of the videos I've seen of Tarzan are with him being sideways.
we got the same mindset, i like that.

The gtr video is pretty crazy, he is passing by the EVOs as if they are standing still

I'm jealous of roger clarks setup car is on top of its form & balance..
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