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Default Trying to learn how to edit ROM's / how to tune

Since I'm new, I will not be tuning my car as of yet. I am getting a new tune from CAMtuning. I just want to learn myself.

I've been reading and reading all I can about tuning. I even bought NSFW's book recommendations (haven't read the whole thing yet).

I'm having problem w/ my tune. It's a stage 2 Tim Bailey tune w/ EcuteK. I'm currently working on getting a new ecu so I don't need to use EcuteK.

My logs are below. Really horrible. (Bought the car with this tune.)
3rd gear pull 1
3rd gear pull 2
3rd gear pull 3

Stock TD04
APS CAI 65mm
APS recirc valve
Cusco Headers
Vishnu Uppipe

My IAM is at 9 and have been reading it should be at 16. I should have zero FBKC and FLKC.

What should I do about the tune? I really want to learn and understand the logic behind where to start.

I was on Rom Raiders and I just found out that I should set WGDC by zeroing the tables in Max Wastegate duty and Initial-off Wastegate Duty. After I do a log of this change, what am I really looking for?

This is what was advised on RR to me:
Originally Posted by mickeyd2005
Step 1: Make sure car is driving right in the low load/low rprm range.
Usually, this is only fueling since stock timing is usually okay. Sometimes 2 degrees less than stock timing is better. You can actually use AFR learning to scale your low load MAF by adjusting the MAF scales until you get the whole picture.
Step 2: Do WOT logs with zero WGDC and check fueling and timing.
Step 3: Increase boost slowly and check fueling and timing.
Step 4: Fine tune boost control.
Can anyone guide me on how to do these suggestions?
1.) What kind of numbers for load am I looking for in step 1?
2.) What kind of number am I looking for when checking fueling and timing? Am I looking for 0 FLKC & FBKC?
3.)How many PSi should I start with.
4.) How do you "fine tune" the boost control?

What else can I do to diagnose and correct this problem? Steps on how tuners diagnose and troubleshoot problems will be greatly appreciated.

I have a stock ROM I can reference as well.

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