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Originally Posted by SueBaroo View Post
The boost can be explained. It's not running full boost at redline so it won't blow up the engine!
TD04 can't run full boost at redline because its small and mechanically limited.

Is the WGDC really maxing out? I see it at 80% +/- at the most. Not 100%.
yes around your spool up at 3k and around 6k

Yes it is running lean thus knocking. Question, where are you reading the peak torque timing?
peak torque happens a few hundred rpms just after peak boost. so you hit 18lbs at 3300 to 3500rpm. The 2nd run your total ign timing is at 9 and it doesn't knock. Then the map calls for it to go to 12 and it knocks and removes 2.11 of timing, bring it down to 9.5*.

Should I be concerned about A/F Learning #1? From what I learned is that optimal power through open loop should be 11-12.5 during WOT. I see it tapers down to 6....what does that mean?
a/f learning #1 shows you the learning your car has done in order to compensate the a/f at idle and hit your map's target of 14.7ish (usually). Your learning there should be minimal.

Since you can log, download software called learning view from romraider and run it on your car. It will pull all the learned knock your car currently has stored on the ecu and show you your closed loop fueling compensations.

You should pull timing from your map and make it safer. don't do any wot runs until you either have it tuned or get a wideband 02. not a good idea to keep it knocking and have 6* of timing pulled.

as a matter of fact, its good that your iam is at 9 because your car is not safe. if you do enough reading, you can self tune it, then you'll need a wideband o2 thats gonna cost you 200 bucks. you can install it yourself, i did and i'm not too mechanically inclined.

or you can pay 500 for a professional dyno tune. Some tuners are better than others and when i say better, i mean actually care about your tune, vs getting out the door.
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