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Originally Posted by Davenow View Post
There is a flip side to that mindset.

A lot of track guys swear against stainless lines because you cant see a line that is about to fail. It may be corroded or cracking internally and you wont know about it till the inner line pops, and on the track( well, anywhere), that can have pretty serious consequences. As for the line rubbing, Not to break your balls but I would think that a line in a situation where it could get caught up or rub like that would have been caught by you when you looked your car over before getting it out on the track
*note* I am aware that it may have been fine before and something happened on the track to move it over somehow.

I also know a lot of track guys that swear by stainless lines, but also swear by replacing them every year, for the exact reason that you cant see what condition the inner line is in. And for the short money that a set of lines costs, its worth the piece of mind.
True there is that flipside....... but I can't recall the last time I saw a pro team NOT using SS lines. But these are replaced constantly of course, like mine. And I think it was something on the track (bumpy) that caused the line to come loose as I was really driving the **** out of it that day. I got on the brakes and the whole car pitched sideways, threw in some opposite lock and brought it back without a wreck. Only damage to the car was the need for fluid and a new line....... did cost me track time though

But yeah for me, if you track the car you should be running SS lines and just replace them yearly or sooner depending on how much you track. Sure you can't see if they are about to fail...... but all it takes is a split second for the standard line to turn from perfect to useless...... and in this case the SS line would have held up.

Originally Posted by prometheum View Post
its a bit of an extreme analogy but you're still failing to see the correlation between tires and brake fade? RE92's are not gonna put as much stress on your brakes as Yokohoma Advans
No I see the correlation and understand it perfectly. My point is that we have ABS so the odds of you "locking up" stock tires are low, I myself never had lockup problems on stock brakes with stock tires. Will stickier tires add more stress? Sure, but with either tire you will see brake fade at the track on stock brakes. With stock tires it might take 7 laps to get bad fade while sticky tires only get you 5. Either way the brake system needs to be addressed in this scenario.

Think of it this way. We are at the Nurburgring with two WRX's. I'm running the stock tires but with a nice fancy set of Brembos/stoptech with track pads and rotors. You are running the Yokohama Advans and the stock brake system. Everything else on the car is identical, including driver weight etc. The goal is to do 15 laps.

Who will win? You have the stickier tire and can post faster lap times due to the grip and braking performance, and my brakes are overkill for my tires. But I would guess after lap 3-4 your brake fade will be so bad that you will be forced to slow down to a snails pace. Meanwhile my brakes keep stopping over and over and while not as fast in the beginning, I've now beaten you due to consistency
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