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1999 2.5 RS

Default Stock 2.5 RS sputters and wont accelerate

The other night I had made the mistake of leaving off the vent on the hood over my air filter while it was raining. When I drove the car it seemed fine except for one small bogging down after I left a light. I had my knock sensor go out and it felt like it was again. No codes were thrown though.

The next day the car starts up fine and idles fine but I can't run the RPMs up. If I'm careful with it, I can get them up to 1500 then it dies back down to idle. I got a P0122 TPS code out of it for low signal.

After confirming that I have good fuel pressure and my plugs aren't soaked with oil or water ( I even blew out the cylinders just incase). I checked the voltage on the TPS and it read 5.1v and wouldn't read anything in a sweep test. So I bit the $216 stealership price bullet and bought a new one. It was the only one in town that I could get today and need my car running ASAP.

It didn't do jack. The engine still won't rev up but idles fine. I cleaned the IAC and tested the coil but I'm having trouble locating the exact specs on what I should be seeing in a coil test and what pins to check. I know I replaced the coil about 3.5 yrs ago, but it could be bad because it was some cheapo brand from NAPA.

I have also disconnected the negative on the battery to reset the ECU as some have said to do and that will relearn the idle. Well that didn't help either.

I know this is long but I wanted to lay out all the symptoms and fixes and tests that I've tried. Thanks for reading and I hope you can help!

Oh yeah the car is a '99 2.5 RS bone stock except for the short ram intake that it came with when I bought it.
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