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Default Options / Opinions needed on disgust with uel setup


I have just about reached the end of my rope with my uel exhaust system, which is as follows below. It originally sounded great but as of lately something has changed or it's just me.

UEL ebay headers, rallisport racing trackpipe, oem centerpipe with res and standard turbo xs axleback.

My car for some reason sounds like crap. The sewing machine affect is just unbearable in traffic and tight situations. Windows opened and or closed, I just can't stand it anymore. My car sounds like a ticking time bomb and I get the oddest looks in traffic and such. Now, maybe something else is at work here: cracked headers, turbo xs muffler has something wrong inside? I don't really know and don't have the resources to check it all.

So I picked up an OEM 04 wrx twin tip axleback (free as per local cool member) to get off and sell the standard turbo xs axleback. This is step #1 in getting my car quiet again.

My problem is that I am having a heck of a time finding the OEM 2.5i headers and catpipe locally. None of my local boards NA's (2.5i's) want to trade, which I thought would never be an issue. I didn't even want money on top. If I had known finding the oem parts again would be so hard, I would have not traded and bought the uel parts outright in case I needed or wanted to switch back.

So, taking into account, my turbo xs will be off shortly, what other steps can i do to quiet my car back down to decent tolerable levels.

My first thought was to buy a catpipe and ditch the trackpipe, since we know this is most likely part of the problem.

Taking into account I never find a set of 2.5i headers and 2.5i catpipe, what else can I do that does not require tons of work and money???

Any thoughts and opinions are welcome.

I know moore will be focusing on a 2.5i higher quality UEL header and that other company GEE-OTTO told me about via PM.

The only problem is that I have a feeling for either companies about, i am going to have to invest quite a bit more money just to get my car back to a quiet enjoyable state.

I never thought I would reach the day where the uel setup would annoy and agitate me as I love the boxer burble, but either something else is wrong with my setup or I have just reached the end of my rope with hearing the ticking, clicking and crazy loud boominess of my turbo xs axleback.

I finally feel after months of being uel and catless, unless the perfect and right setup comes out for NA's to truely have a sexy burble without the other issues, it's just not worth it.

Also, I know wrapping the headers might help out the sewing machine affect but I don't have time to do it nor the place to do it. I use my car every single day for work and back and on weekends, I do not have the privacy nor ability to drop the headers so easily as I did the original swap with a buddy in a suby dealership shop after hours. I can't impose on that connection anymore unless it's 100% necessary.

Thanks for taking time to read my long post BTW.

PS - has anyone else reached the level of annoyance I have with there UEL setup?????
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