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Guys, if I had to take a wild guess and lets assume for a moment the headers are leak free, I would say that the combination of both trackpipe and turbo xs axleback are the main culprits in my setup being very loud and boomy, if that's the right word. The pulses from the headers are crazy strong and at low RPM's and speed, it's like a person beating on a bass drum.

Now, are my headers allowing more than typical sewing machine affect to come through the cheap thin walls of the piping, maybe and possibly, but going catpipe and quieter axleback, will not remove this problem.

J-Chow - maybe the wording was not correct, maybe not sounding like crap was the right way to explain it but the system just sounds wrong to me at this point. I have been in the NA suby arena for a while now and know pretty much all the setups there are and their goods and bads. My setup currently just does not sound up to par fromw hen it originally did.

Maybe the warm weather combined with using the A/C since it hot has changed the dynamics of the sound of the setup.

Either way, getting off that darn turbo XS axleback is the 1st step I am taking. I know the 04 wrx oem axleback will be very quiet, but this will help me to see if anything else is amiss with the setup.

I will PM you with regards to the headers

Donutz: I have had multiple stromung setups prior to this but all were with EL OEM headers. The reason why I got rid of all my stromung setups is because the stromung muffler in particular used to take time to warm up an reach full depth and sound. This kinda annoyed me a bit especially when rolling into and leaving my local meets. I pulled in deep and sounding nice and left sounding like crapola. My other local NA members, buddies of mine, noticed the same thing. So I gave up on the stromung end of things.

And to all above thus far, I just turned 37, after long hard days at work dealing with stressfull people and situations, noise in general just annoys me more. I am by no means getting old per say, but dealing with a boomy bassy exhaust setup does not allow for relaxing drives home to unwind. The traffic on LI can be unbearable at times and add on an exhaust setup that can amplify a headache, and you can see why I am ready for some peace and quiet. And yes, I have and always will love the boxer burble, but on WRX's & STI's where it truely sounds sexy.

I honestly don't want to go back to full UEL but it might have to happen for a bit until the two new companies come out with improved 2.5i UEL headers.

Now my bigger question is this - what happens when a typical 2.5i owner needs to have their oem headers replaced due to clogged cats. Do they just but a new set from suby as we all know you can't just get them from any ole exhaust shop.
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