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I did atleast over 100 back to back WOT pulls today to test out the new setup, well, it still occasionally does the BS where the boost onsets kinda slowish then explodes to the target, no spikes, but kinda rough on boost onset making the car buck. So i'm gonna try something else.

Obviously, atleast on my setup, the bleed hole needs to be on the MBC WG barb. I'm thinking of making a whole new routing of the hoses, and in theory again, it should work like before but not bleed off WG pressure when the solenoid is open.

Pics and results tomorrow, as i'm still trying to get my head around this but it should work lol. Maybe just attach the MBC outlet to port 1 of the EBC and run it throught there, or just install a one way check valve between the WG barb and the WG so now back flow to bleed out through the hole, but i'll figure it out tomorrow.

GD my head is gonna f'in explode.
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