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i'll try to mess with my tune a little more, but when i locatee the bleed port on the MBC like it it from hallman, the problems disappear, but when the EBC kicks wide open with zero WGDC, that little bleed hole bleeds off too much pressure and the boost won't drop.

Today i'm trying out connecting the MBC to go through ports 1 and 2 only when its energized, so essentially, the MBC goes through the EBC when 100%WGDC, and the EBC closes off that port when 0% WGC. Not sure if it will work, but this is the last thing i can think of to try and seperate thee bleed from normal EBC open operation, but keep the bleed where it should be on the MBC.

Otherwise, i'm gonna say F' it, and run straight MBC probably.

As for the EBC, i didn't want to run it alone b/c tuning it was a PITA with the EWG, and it sounded like **** when it tried to limit pressure b/c its switching on/off to bleed the pressure.

If anyone would like to share their boost control tables with me for an EWG setup using the hybrid control, that would be very helpful.
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