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Originally Posted by Bluefoton View Post
Engine wear - or the expected mileage out of a car is a function of mileage, nr of winters, maintenance, average RPM, peak RPM, the distribution of engine load over total engine's operating time, number of startups, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, commute distance and hours, traffic conditions, intervals between consecutive startups, quality of roads driven, altitude, elevation, air pressure, and humidity.
Add to that the impact of the driver's age, health, skill, marital status, temper, the personnality of your significant other and the number of kids. To make things worse, a lot of the aforementioned variables are mysteriously correlated with the others (a temperamental driver with a bitchy wife and screaming quadruplets might vent on the gas pedal more than a 85yo zen retired hippie).

Bottom line is that you won't get a satisfactory answer. Search the forum for mileage tales. Lot of cars driven like they've been stolen with litle problems and big mileages. Lot of stories of babied cars which kept having issues too.
Well said.

Originally Posted by maruksai View Post
Is it bad to redline your engine on a daily basis? How would it affect long term engine life? Will I see 150k-200k miles?
As Bluefoton said, there's really no way to answer your last question; there are just too many variables. In basic terms, the answer to your first question is NO, it's not bad to redline the engine, even on a daily basis. That assumes, as others have said, that the engine is being properly maintained. With that said, extended high RPMs is hard on the engine, but I don't imagine that's what you're doing on a daily basis.

Originally Posted by Mechkiller31st View Post
120K on my 98 2.2L... drag raced, Road Coarsed, Auto-x, and wangan (lots of it).
Is that some sort of JDM-tite-y0 term for street racing? Is wangan as awesome as touge?

Originally Posted by sense of nature View Post
The engine only produces power to a certain rpm, anything after that is just wasting gas & creating friction
That's not really true. You want to rev past peak HP so that when you shift and RPMs drop you maximize the average HP.

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